When you evaluate your personal financial plan, one of the most important considerations is the extent to which you have made sufficient provision to ensure your dependents will be able to cope financially, should you pass away.

If the proper care has not been taken, your dependents could be in the position where they lose more than just the income you bring to the household budget.  Life cover, aligned with your estate plan, ensures that your estate is solvent and has enough liquidity. It can also ensure that your dependents will not have to adjust their lifestyles because of your passing.


When asked what the most valuable asset your own are, most people will make the mistake to think that it is their house, car or even their yacht. But for every single person the answer should be their ability to earn an income.

If you lose the ability to earn an income, all the houses in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t afford to keep them!

Income Continuation Protection essentially comprises two products, Capital Protection and Income Protection. When an event occurs that disables you, alterations to your environment are often required to cater for your new needs. This may involve alterations to your car or home or even the acquisition of external prostheses and appliances that you may now need. A Capital Disability Policy will cover these eventualities.

An Income Protection Policy does not pay a capital benefit but will replace a portion of your income for a specified period. It is often possible to combine these two types of policies for maximum protection.


A critical illness or severe injury can leave you vulnerable and the road to recovery is often long, hard and expensive. This type of cover is specifically designed to make life easier when you need it the most. In most cases this type of policy will pay a lump sum amount on the diagnosis of a critical illness such as: cancer, heart attacks and a stroke. This benefit will often make the difference between hope and hopelessness to the patient and his/her family.